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WINTER 2021 | 7 PHOTOGRAPHY [TRAVEL] MARK LIDDELL/GETTY; [HOLIDAYS] BONNINSTUDIO/STOCKSY. ILLUSTRATIONS [SHOP TALK] ARTHUR MOUNT; [ICONS] RAMBO182/ISTOCK SHOP SHOP TALK CAA auto expert Ryan Peterson answers your questions I have a 2012 Dodge Caliber that blows hot air when I turn on the air conditioner. I have taken it to two repair shops, one of which was a dealer. Aer spending about $900 in labour, no one has been able to diagnose the problem. They want more time and can't provide assurance that they can fix the problem, but I have to pay them for their labour. –Mahendra Joshi A: Typically, air conditioners fail due to a physical leak. To locate the leak, the inspecting technician performs a pressure test. On rare occasions, there can be more than one leak, and often, this secondary leak is not evident until the larger leak is repaired and system pressure increases. In these circumstances, further diagnostic time is required. I was previously able to program a Stanley garage door opener in my 2008 Honda Accord. Now I have a Chamberlain garage opener, and I can't program it with my car. How can I fix this? –Suresh Itwar A: Some garage door openers have what is referred to as a rolling code, which means the code that authorizes the door activation changes after each use. Many cars are not equipped with the technology to adapt to rolling codes, in which case you'll have to use a handheld remote instead. ASK AN EXPERT SEND YOUR CAR QUESTIONS TO Order your groceries online Save time with services like INABUGGY— where CAA Members save $10 on the delivery fee—that allow you to shop from multiple stores with delivery in as little as an hour. CAA Members can also save 10 percent online at PenguinPickUp Market when ordering groceries for next-day pickup. Don't forget about tabletop decor Setting the table doesn't stop at plates, glasses and cutlery. Adding some decorative elements puts an extra-special touch on a gathering. Try using flowers and foliage as a centrepiece, which is also an earth-friendly way to decorate. Or light a few candles for ambience—just be sure to use an unscented variety so it doesn't overpower your meal. Upgrade your bakeware and serveware Put your chipped plates and scratched casserole dishes away and bring in new bakeware for the season. Even just one or two modern serving items or a new set of glassware can help elevate the look and feel of your meal. CAA Members can save five percent online and in-store when shopping for kitchenware at Stokes. Plan your meal and test new recipes Even the most experienced home cooks should map out their meals to ensure a good variety of dishes. Be sure to give yourself time to test out new recipes in advance. If you'd like a high- tech helper, try an app like Pepperplate, which helps you create menus and shopping lists all in one place. Holidays at Home Four simple ways to make the festive season at home feel special, whether you're celebrating with your own household or hosting a few guests –Andrea Yu HOME SAVE WITH CAA Whether it's shopping for new serveware or ingredients for a family- favourite recipe, CAA Members can save money and earn CAA Dollars®. Visit shopping to learn more.

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