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6 | CAA MAGAZINE 6 | CAA MAGAZINE compass . We play a vital role in supporting our Members through their travel journey and ensuring they are well informed and safe '' ASK A TRAVEL CONSULTANT Arthur Auyeung, a CAA Travel Consultant with 10 years of experience, talks about the Travel Smart certification and how it can help Members stay safe –Vawn Himmelsbach TRAVEL TIPS What is the Travel Smart certification held by CAA Travel Consultants? The global spread of Covid-19 presented many challenges for those abroad or with upcoming travel plans. The Travel Smart program is a CAA national program that provides CAA Travel Consultants with ongoing information and advice for our Members who are about to travel for work or pleasure. How do CAA Travel Consultants become Travel Smart certified? To become fully certified, a CAA Travel Consultant will need to complete a three-level program that covers several topics, such as key considerations of different travel products and safety protocols of our travel partners, as well as view a presentation from Global Affairs Canada. Why is it important that CAA Travel Consultants hold this certification? We play a vital role in supporting our Members through their travel journey and ensuring they are well informed and safe. Travel is something many of us are looking forward to, and we want to be the ones to help create these experiences for our Members, but with their safety in mind. What are the benefits of this certification? The certification helps our consultants navigate the intricacies of post- pandemic travel. It provides a foundation of knowledge for our consultants, but more importantly, they'll be provided with regular updates on any new developments, which are passed on to our Members. Why should CAA Members always book with someone who holds this certifica tion? The travel industry is constantly changing based on the needs of travellers, and the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified this. Whether it's shiing government requirements, public health guidelines or travel supplier protocols, a certified consultant will be beer equipped to guide a traveller through the booking process. What are some examples of how the Travel Smart certification has helped Members? The Travel Smart program has proven to be invaluable to our consultants in serving our Members. Imagine being excited about finally going on your vacation and being denied boarding at the airport because you were not aware you needed a Covid-19 test. Recently, a Member wanted to make certain travel arrangements, and their CAA Travel Consultant was able to guide their decision and suggest other options with a beer safety plan in place. In another case, a Member needed to make a time-sensitive emergency trip to another country. Their CAA Travel Consultant was able to apply for a compassionate exemption so that Member could get to their loved ones as soon as possible. Speak with an experienced CAA Travel Consultant by visiting or calling 1-855-660-2295. CAA's experts can help you build a dream trip and advise you on options for travel insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses or recoup costs if you need to cancel. Visit for plan details. READY TO TRAVEL?

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