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member story . M E M B E R S JOHN AND GINGER GAHAGAN |  F RO M ROTHESAY, N.B. |  M E M B E R S S I N C E 2002 The Gahagans and the MacDonalds have been trying to complete a European AmaWaterways river cruise since 2018 — without much luck so far. John and Ginger Gahagan, along with their friends David and Joan MacDonald, were aboard a 14-day cruise in 2018 when low water levels cut it short by a week. The two couples were le to book a new return flight. John contacted their CAA Travel Consultant, Beth Hudson, in Saint John, N.B., to help get them all home. Though they had booked the cruise with Beth, they had made their own flight arrangements for the trip. Regardless, Beth rebooked their return flights from Vienna. "Even if we could have done it on our own with our phone and weak internet access, it would have been much more difficult without her," John says. "Because of Beth working to get us the new flights, we were able to use the time to enjoy ourselves in Vienna rather than being on the phone trying to rebook them ourselves." Beth says she credits this successful outcome to AmaWaterways. The company covered the cost of the changed flights and refunded the second week of the cruise, which the two couples promptly rebooked. Unfortunately, their second aempt at a cruise was a bust because it was supposed to take place in 2020, when the travel world shut down because of the pandemic. Again, with Beth's help, the cruise was cancelled without penalty. "AmaWaterways also extended the rebooking option from three years to four to allow us ample time to rebook post-Covid-19. Kudos to Beth and AmaWaterways," John says. AmaWaterways credited a sizable part of the fare as a result, and this credit has since been applied to their next cruise. The trip is now scheduled for 2022. Hopefully the third time's a charm for these two couples. Have a great CAA story to tell? Send it to us at, and you could be featured in an upcoming issue. THIRD TIME'S A CHARM? How a CAA Travel Consultant helped save a river cruise holiday—twice by K ATELIN DEAN illustration by GIORDANO POLONI 56 | CAA MAGAZINE

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