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member letters . 4 | CAA MAGAZINE HAVE YOUR SAY Readers let us know what we're doing right—and where there's room to improve I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR FALL 2021 issue. I especially enjoyed "Driving Forces," "Channelling Inner Calmness," "Preservation Society" and "Living Green." Also, the article "Ask a Travel Consultant" mentioned that there's been an increased interest in small group travel and explored the reasons why. I've been interested in that for quite a while, and your article just confirmed why. And I'm not certain if I've ever noticed your "Member Story" section before. It's a great idea! And your "Fall Auto Insurance Review" reminded me that I need to let my car insurance company know that I'm returning to the office in person two days a week. Keep up the great work! —Monique Cote AS PARENTS OF FIVE CURIOUS AND adventure-seeking Canadian kids ages 10 to 15 years old, we wanted to share with you how your magazine is both relevant and meaningful for our family. When we check the mailbox, there is a rush of excitement when CAA Magazine arrives. It passes through many hands in the weeks to follow. Thank you for creating a magazine that is family friendly, fun and practical for all ages! Keep it coming! —Ruth Ellen and Jay Sonneveld I'VE ALWAYS REMEMBERED MY SON telling me that CAA saved the day for him a long time ago. He was dating the woman who is now his wife when her father let them use his car to go on a date. But the car ran into trouble. We had given him a CAA Membership just before this, so he pulled out his card and called for service, and as always, they came to the rescue. When they called her dad to say that they would be late, he was not too impressed with my son. But when her dad heard that he had a CAA Membership, he was impressed and said my son wasn't such a bad guy after all. It's a good thing, as that guy has been his father-in-law for over 25 years now. You can be sure his daughter also has a CAA Membership. They will make great gifts for the grandkids when they're old enough to drive, too. —Kathryn Foot THE LATEST ISSUE OF CAA MAGAZINE was awesome! I was in need of information on renewing auto insurance and repairing my car, and the magazine had helpful information on both. It would be nice if this information was available every year to inform and remind readers how to get beer deals and coverage for their auto insurance, as well as care for our cars properly. Another great article was about travelling for people with mobility *Letters have been edited for length and clarity. CORRECTION The fall 2021 issue contains an error in the story "Trail Blazing" (page 13), which refers to a photo of the privately owned Agawa Canyon Park illustrating a write-up of Lake Superior Park. You promote destination activities but apparently don't know where they are located and don't have a proofreader who knows the province. —Jack Mihell While Lake Superior Provincial Park was highlighted in this story, the Agawa Valley is also mentioned as it is accessible through the park. We should have highlighted the Agawa Valley instead of Lake Superior Provincial Park. We apologize for the confusion. issues. My mom loves to travel but is worried about how she will visit all the places she wants to. I also have some mobility issues, and it's been frustrating to see places that are not accessible or meet people who are not well informed about people with disabilities. I was so thankful that this helpful article brought awareness of people with mobility issues—we love travelling, too! The information in the article is going to give my family more confidence and joy during our future travels. —Theresa Kim I WANT TO THANK CAA FOR THE CAA MyPace™ car insurance I have. I can't believe I'm actually saving a lot. The secret is not to drive too much, and I hardly drive my car. I also have CAA Roadside Assistance. —S. Kaicker

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