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34 | CAA MAGAZINE It's easy to become overwhelmed by the endless pandemic news—from new variants to the enormous toll the virus has taken in terms of sickness and death around the world. But in all the darkness, there have been rays of light. Here are some of the positive outcomes of the pandemic. A SLOWER PACE OF LIFE From picking up new hobbies (hello, sourdough!) to embracing old passions (and even earning money from them), the luckiest among us were able to slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures. With most extracurricular activities cancelled, the pandemic also provided an opportunity for parents to spend more downtime with their kids. "Parents are wondering how they'll keep that slower pace now that things are opening up again," says parenting coach Sarah Rosensweet. "I'd suggest sitting down and deciding what your priorities are for each member of the family and also thinking about peer pressure, like, 'Everyone's putting their kid in soccer, so we should, as well.'" GREATER APPRECIATION FOR THE OUTDOORS Outdoor activities and parks played an important role for those of us seeking relief from the toll of social isolation. A poll by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) showed nine out of 10 pandemic-weary Canadians value nature now more than ever before. There is also more awareness of nature in our lives, from backyard birds to greater use of trails and parks—not to mention a sudden run on bicycles and other outdoor equipment. "Many Canadians have used the opportunity to find and explore some hidden gems or places with a lot of natural beauty close to home that we sometimes overlook," says NCC president and CEO Catherine Grenier. A TIME OF HOPE While the pandemic has been difficult in many ways, there have been some positive outcomes worth celebrating by CLAIRE SIBONNEY Bright Side Dark Time The of a ILLUSTRATIONS PCH.VECTOR/FREEPIK, KATEMANGOSTAR/FREEPIK, BRO.VECTOR/FREEPIK, GOONERUA/FREEPIK

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