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32 | CAA MAGAZINE AUTO ADVICE Q : HOW DO I CLEAN BIRD DROPPINGS OFF MY CAR? MS: It's inevitable that birds will poop on your car. When they do, quick action is essential. In as little as a day, the acid from bird droppings can eat through your car's clear coat, the transparent film that protects your paint. Leave the poop for longer, and it can chew through the paint itself. There are several off-the-shelf products that can help remove droppings, but the best method is to "rehydrate" them. Soak a rag in warm water and place it on top of the droppings to liquefy them. Then gently rub them away—bird poop can contain sand, which will scratch your paint—and wash your car with a specially formulated auto cleaner. Do I really need winter tires? And if so, when should I put them on? RP: You can use an all-season tire in wintertime, but a winter tire is significantly beer. When the temperature drops, the rubber in all-seasons begins to harden. As it hardens, it starts to lose grip. Winter tires are a soer rubber, so you get far greater traction. In winter, the channels of all-season tires also get packed full of snow, so they will quickly lose traction. Winter tires have deep, wide channels and are designed to shed snow rapidly. As for changeover time, it's not an exact science, but when you start seeing the temperature hovering around 7°C during the daytime, it's time to switch over to winter tires.

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