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features each issue Winter 2021 WINTER 2021 | 1 Celebrate the new year with cultural traditions f rom around the world page 23 a message to our members At press time, travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19 were still in place for many countries around the world, including Canada. Travel is important for so many of us, even when it's just an idea. This is why we're considering all travel stories in this issue as inspiration, to help you dream now for when we can all travel again later. 19 CHARGED UP A beginner's guide to buying an electric vehicle 23 CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR A look at how countries around the world welcome a new year 29 YOUR TOP CAR QUESTIONS, ANSWERED CAA auto experts weigh in on commonly asked questions 34 THE BRIGHT SIDE OF A DARK TIME While the pandemic has been difficult, there have been some positive outcomes worth celebrating 2 A MESSAGE FROM CA A 5 COMPASS What you need to know before buying a snow blower, where to go camping this winter and festive ideas for a holiday at home; plus, CAA auto and travel experts answer your questions 12 SPOTLIGHT Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites right here in Canada 14 THE GOODS Cozy items from CAA partners 16 AT HOME How to prevent flooding in your home 37 INSIDER Helpful resources, CAA Member info and news 56 MEMBER STORY How a CAA Travel Consultant got two CAA Members home from a cruise at the beginning of Covid-19 PHOTOGRAPHY [COVER] JUAN MOYANO/STOCKSY, VIGEN M/SHUTTERSTOCK, ARTURTONA/SHUTTERSTOCK, BRILT/ISTOCK; [THIS PAGE] NIKHIL PATIL/ISTOCK

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