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N O ONE WANTS A flooded basement, but it can happen easily, says Andrew Ingriselli, president of Aquatech, a Toronto basement waterproofing company. Debris in the eavestrough, poorly installed downspouts, cracks in the home foundation and broken, cracked or clogged pipes are among the many causes. Melting snow can be another factor, especially when the weather warms up quickly and there's rain, says Ingriselli. Water can seep into even tiny cracks in your home's foundation. In the winter, that water can freeze when the mercury drops, causing the cracks to expand. This means that the cracks may become larger, allowing more water from melting snow or ice to penetrate your home when temperatures rise. Luckily, there are some easy ways to prevent this. First, make sure eavestroughs aren't clogged. Then, clear snow and ice from downspouts so that water can drain away from your property. "Make sure your property is graded away from the house to avoid any puddling and accumulation of water close to the foundation," Ingriselli says. When there's no standing water on your property, then you know it's been graded properly. When water is puddling, Ingriselli advises calling a landscaping contractor to professionally grade the property. Seal any cracks in your foundation, which serve as an entry point for water. Smaller hairline cracks can be filled in with a caulk that is compatible with concrete. Have larger cracks examined and repaired by a professional. Ingriselli recommends that every house have a sump pump and backwater valve installed by a professional to help prevent flooding whenever there is excessive water. He notes that some municipalities offer subsidized programs to offset the cost. Make sure the landscaping around your home slopes away from the foundation. Add soil if necessary to help melting snow flow away from your home. Making some time now to ensure that your home is less susceptible to water damage may prevent costly repairs come springtime. 16 | CAA MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY ONURDONGEL/ISTOCK at home . UNDER WATER Flooding isn't just a nuisance. It can also compromise your home's structure and lead to costly repairs. Here's what you can do to avoid a deluge in your basement. by ATHENA SARRACINI GET THE RIGHT COVERAGE Review your home insurance policy to ensure you're fully protected against water damage. Visit for more information about CAA Home Insurance water coverage.

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