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spotlight . 12 | CAA MAGAZINE NAHANNI NATIONAL PARK RESERVE OF CANADA FORT SIMPSON, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Spanning 30,000 square kilometres of subarctic terrain, Nahanni is a wild wonderland of mountains, plains, caves, rivers and forests—and home to one of the world's largest and most stunning waterfalls, Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls). The South Nahanni River is one of the most beautiful wild rivers in North America, with a unique and complex limestone cave system and hot springs. Canada's largest National Historic Site is a paradise for thrill-seekers, whether they're scaling the 96-metre cliff or paddling through the challenging river rapids. PIMACHIOWIN AKI WORLD HERITAGE SITE MANITOBA AND ONTARIO BORDER Canada's first mixed World Heritage Site has both cultural and natural significance and is part of the largest stretch of boreal wilderness in North America. Pimachiowin Aki is the homeland of four Anishinabe First Nation communities, who live in balance with the natural elements that surround them. Historically one of the most important natural resources to First Nations peoples, trees are used for shelter, transportation, clothing, bedding, food collection and preparation, and for cultural and spiritual activities and ceremonies. The universal value of both the thriving culture and the remarkable beauty of the landscape makes this a notable site on a global scale. Adventure travellers and ecotourists from around the world are drawn here by the millions of trees and hundreds of lakes, rivers and wetlands, as well as the thousands of plant and animal species found in the area. 1 2 NATURAL WONDERS Canada is home to 20 culturally and historically significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here are six of our favourites. by BIANCA BUJAN WANT TO SEE SOME OF THE WORLD'S most stunning and significant sites? Look no further than Canada. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated 20 World Heritage Sites in this country, meaning they require special preservation and protection. Here are six stunners that showcase our natural and cultural diversity. CANADA AWAITS Speak with CAA's experienced travel consultants to help you plan a trip to visit some of these world-renowned sites. Plus, they can help make sure you have the right travel insurance to protect your trip. Visit to learn more.

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