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SUMMER 2021 | 7 IN "DRIVING INTO THE FUTURE" (spring 2021), the advantage of self-driving vehicles for commuters is mentioned, but I think an even greater impact will be seen—if it's affordable—with the elderly. People will be able to safely operate vehicles much longer and maintain their independence. I already refuse to drive downtown or at night, so I would welcome such a vehicle to expand my choice of activities without having to wait for buses in the cold or dark. Rather than removing a senior's licence, perhaps in the future, it could just be limited to self-driving cars. I can't wait! —Lynda Buske Do you have something to share? Send a letter to and you could be featured in an upcoming issue. ON DECEMBER 24, 2020, I WAS scheduled for a long-awaited MRI. My appointment was for 7:30 p.m., and it was a very cold, windy and snowy night. As we were pulling into the hospital parking lot, we heard some noises coming from the back of the car. There was a huge metal bolt that had punctured the tire and was still embedded inside it. I left my husband with the cellphone and the CAA card and went into the hospital. When I came out approximately 40 minutes later, not only was the CAA truck there, but the driver had almost completed the repair! I had thought that with the bad driving conditions we would have to wait, but my husband said the driver was there in about 15 minutes. This young man was not only efficient, he was also very friendly and polite. Unfortunately, I did not get his name, but thanks to all at CAA Niagara! You have no idea how much you were appreciated that night. —J. Ashmore I ENJOYED SO MANY STORIES in the spring 2021 issue. I've saved the green cleaning advice ("Clean Sweep"), sent the RV trip story ("Great Canadian RV Trips") to a friend who is planning to drive across Canada and begun to fantasize about trying one of the Ontario canoe routes. It was fun to dream beyond lockdown with this issue! —Valerie McDonald MY WIFE AND I ARE BOTH IN OUR 60 s and have been CAA Members for many years. A few years ago, we took my vintage Honda Goldwing motorcycle with a sidecar to a music festival west of Toronto. On our way home, the throttle cable snapped while on a busy stretch of Highway 401. The bike slowed down to a complete stop. We managed to pull over to the shoulder, which is not the safest spot to be stranded. It was a holiday weekend and we were concerned it would be difficult to reach CAA and we might be waiting for hours, but we were able to get through on our cellphone. Within 20 minutes, we were relieved to see a flatbed truck arrive that could handle the bike without having to remove the sidecar. My wife and I don't know what we would have done without CAA that day! Thank you for such fine service over many years. —Robert Cockell CORRECTION The phone number published on page 51 of "Take Credit" (spring 2021) is incorrect. The correct number is 1-800-992-8143.

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