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member letters . 6 | CAA MAGAZINE there a diagram? When was it last pumped? Get it inspected by a qualified tradesperson as part of your offer. If there is a wood-burning stove or fireplace, your insurance provider will require a WETT report indicating that the fireplace and chimney are safe and have been installed correctly. And use a local lawyer and home inspector; they will know the local regulations. —John Parkin AS NEW COTTAGE OWNERS, WE READ, "How to Buy a Coage" (spring 2021) with interest. We remember the hours spent driving down dirt roads, geing lost in a maze of trails, only to find the advertised locale and being very disappointed. It seemed either the waterfront was terrific and the coage too "rustic" or the opposite: a fabulous coage with no decent swimming. Turns out the ideal coage was under our noses the whole time. Having visited a friend's coage for years on a small lake in Quebec, we spent many lovely times swimming to the dock across the way and then back again. One Labour Day weekend, aer fruitless months of coage hunting, I paddled across the lake and le a note in the screen door asking if they would be interested in selling. The call came three days later, and the rest is history! —Alison Wesley-James HAVE YOUR SAY Readers let us know what we're doing right—and where there's room to improve I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW how informative I found the spring 2021 issue of CAA Magazine. I found many interesting articles, in particular "Clean Sweep"—I did not know my washing machine had a filter!—and the factors insurance companies look at when calculating auto insurance. Thank you for a good read! —Jack Joseph WE HAVE BEEN CAA MEMBERS FOR many decades and really enjoy the magazine for its practical tips and ideas. Being environmentally minded, we were pleased to see the "Clean Sweep" (spring 2021) article, and specifically the sidebar on how to make green household cleaners. However, we really feel the opening image missed the mark. Plastic scrubbies and sponges? How about something greener, like a loofah, which is a gourd-like fruit with a fibrous interior that dries into a gentle scrubbie, or a *Letters have been edited for length and clarity. sponge made with plant-based cellulose and walnut shells to remove crustier grime. We cut our loofah into smaller pieces and compost them when they're used up. —Carolyn Bonta and Michael Johnson AS A RETIRED HOME INSPECTOR WITH many years of experience inspecting cottages in Northern Ontario, I would like to add a few important points to the article "How to Buy a Cottage" (spring 2021). Cottage buyers should be asking the following questions: is this property all season or just for summer? Is the right-of-way access to the property from a road or over private land? Is there deeded access? Is there deeded access to the shore? Who owns the shoreline? Is the water supply potable and has it been tested recently? Has the well been inspected? Is there a current water inspection report? Where is the septic system located? Is AWARDS CONGRATULATIONS to writer Heather Greenwood Davis, who received a gold award from the National Association of Travel Journalists for her story "Raising Global Citizens" (fall 2020). To read Greenwood Davis's story, go to

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