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PHOTOGRAPHY CAROLE B. EVES 4 | CAA MAGAZINE a message from CAA . @CAASCO 1-800-268-3750 In keeping up to date with the global crisis and its impact on our more than 2.4 million Members, I know that many of you and your families have been adversely affected. This is at the forefront of my mind as we think about how CAA can help. The purpose of CAA, a not- for-profit organization, is to keep our Members safe and to look for ways to continually give back to our communities and our Members. In most households, auto insurance premiums are almost always one of the most expensive items. In previous issues of the magazine, I've wrien about our community actions and the $65 million that we gave back directly to our insurance customers in 2020. We reduced rates dramatically — more than any other insurance company — because we recognized that people's driving paerns had changed. As I am writing this, I am pleased to add that for 2021, we are giving back another $65 million to insurance customers, totalling over $130 million in less than two years. These actions have raised eyebrows in the industry, but they are the right thing to do. At CAA, our focus is on protecting our Members within all of our organizations across Canada and giving back at every opportunity. Our concern is for our Members, Associates and partners — not the boom line. I know the good days will be back when we can all return to doing what we love. Until then, CAA will always look to help in any small way we can to make life a lile easier. With my deepest appreciation to you for being a Member of CAA, I wish you and your family safety and good health. Very best, Jay Woo President and CEO CAA Club Group W ITH GOOD WEATHER UPON US, the writers and contributors of this issue have put together some useful content to help you plan for the days when we can travel and spend time together again. Our Associates — who are all still working with us — look forward to the days when we can welcome you back to plan your dream trip. In the meantime, we love hearing from all of our Members. Your feedback helps us continue to do beer and guides our thinking and planning to keep CAA relevant today and into the future. GIVING BACK MORE FINANCIAL RELIEF As the warmer weather brings hope for a return to some kind of normal, support for Members remains our priority MEMBERS' CORNER 5 WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR CAA MEMBERSHIP THIS SEASON 1 Get fun games for your home or cottage at a CAA Store or . 2 Make sure your battery is ready for warmer weather. CAA recommends checking your car battery after every winter and summer. Battery tests are included in your membership 1 , and should you require a new battery, we can replace it on the spot and even dispose of the old one. 2 3 If you have trouble with your bicycle while out for a ride, call CAA Bike Assist TM , roadside assistance for your bike. If you run into a problem that can't be fixed on the spot, CAA will transport your bicycle to wherever 3 you need it to go. 4 Keep your pet happy and stock up on supplies for less at Ren's Pets, where CAA Members save 10% on select items in-store and online. 5 Enjoy an effortless barbecue or picnic with takeout from Montana's, where CAA Members save 10%. CAA Store hours and services are subject to change, depending on Covid-19 measures. Please go online to confirm individual store hours before visiting. ® Montana's is a registered trademark of Recipe Unlimited Corporation. 1 This will count as 1 service call unless a new battery is purchased at the time of the call. 2 CAA mobile Battery Service Member benefit subject to availability by geographical area. Call 1-800-222-4357 for location details. 3 Basic Members receive four tows up to 10 km, Plus Members receive four tows up to 200 km and Premier Members receive one tow up to 320 km and four tows up to 200 km within CAA South Central Ontario territory. Bike Assist counts as one of your allotted roadside calls during your membership year. Service will be provided to cyclists where there is permitted vehicle access, and based on seasonal availability.

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