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As night falls, you'll want to keep the bug spray handy and change into clothing that will protect you from mosquitoes. Likewise, this is a good time to don socks and closed-toe shoes. Put your cooler, all food items and toiletries into your car before dark. Even beer, make use of food lockers if they're available onsite. If bears are in the area, you'll need to be even more cautious. Bring flashlights or baery-operated lamps (with extra baeries), as well as newspaper and a barbecue lighter to start your fire. Folding lawn chairs come in handy around the firepit, but a picnic table bench will do in a pinch. As for firewood, most parks sell it at the gate, and you can buy it during check-in. (Never bring firewood from home — you may be unintentionally introducing invasive insects to your park.) Mornings oen start with coffee, so bring everything you need to make your favourite cup of joe. Energy bars are convenient, as are pre-washed fruit, veggie sticks and hard-boiled eggs from home. Plan your menu carefully and prepare as much as you can before you leave (such as a batch of chili or curry). Bring a large water jug to limit your trips to the community faucet. If you're planning to hike, remember refillable water boles, hats, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Dress for the weather and toss a first-aid kit into your pack. Don't forget your cellphone (and charger), snacks, hand sanitizer, park map and compass. HOW TO ROAST THE PERFECT MARSH- MALLOW ➊ Find a sturdy stick that's about as long as your arm. Whittle the tip to a point and wash it with a clean cloth. ➋ Roast marshmallow about 10 to 15 cm above the glowing embers at the base of your fire. Don't stick it directly in the flame. Turn the stick slowly, like a rotisserie, to evenly cook the marshmallow. ➌ After a few rotations, find a natural "oven" in the coals—a walled enclosure to reflect heat and cook the marshmallow's centre. Your 'mallow is ready when the skin is crisp and golden brown. NEED SOME NEW CAMPING GEAR? CAA Members earn up to 5% in CAA Dollars® from SAIL and PRFO Sports. Go to for details. SUMMER 2021 | 35 PHOTOGRAPHY [PREVIOUS] GEORGEPETERS/GETTY; [PITCHING TENT] MASKOT/GETTY; [STOVE] TERESA SHORT/OFFSET. ILLUSTRATION JASON SCHNEIDER

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