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ROAD TRIP PREP 28 | CAA MAGAZINE Never Bored in a Car Puzzles and Games $11.95 This activity book will keep kids occupied with pages of puzzles and inventive games for one or more players. When the back-seat passengers are happy, you'll feel like you've reached your destination much sooner. CAA Members earn up to 5% in CAA Dollars® from Indigo Portable Lap Desk $17.99 Take along this folding lap desk with activity tray so kids can read and draw in the car. The tabletop doubles as a lid for a storage compartment in which to keep books, pencils and paper. When they're not in the car, kids can use the portable desk at home or in the backyard. Podcast Playlist Podcasts and audio books are a good alternative to screens, particularly for the kids. With Story Pirates (, a comedy troupe performs stories written by children, welcoming a few celebrity voices along the way. Adults will also appreciate Tai Asks Why (, a podcast hosted by 14-year-old Tai Poole, who answers some of life's big questions, like what's at the bottom of the ocean. LED Headlamp $15.29 Yes, your phone has a flashlight, but for those times when you need two hands, a headlamp is a lifesaver. For looking under the hood in the dark, digging through a suitcase in a tent, looking for firewood or reading a book, this 500-lumen Dorcy spot and flood lamp has multiple modes to get the job done. Roadside Kit $39.99 Travel emergencies come in a variety of forms, most of them remedied with a road trip emergency kit. This family-friendly Safe to Go version from Falconbrooke includes a large first-aid kit, collapsible shovel, booster cables, safety whistle, knit work gloves, rain poncho, blanket, AA batteries and more—everything you might need to solve a problem. High Road CarHop TM Back Seat Organizer $46.99 Keep things tidy in the back with this handy organizer. Especially helpful for kids, the organizer has two cup holders, pockets aplenty and an insulated cooler that's perfect for self-serve snacks. (See below for a few easy ideas.) FOR COMFORT FOR UTILITY There are generally two kinds of people when it comes to road trips: planners and wingers. If you're a planner, you know that having the right travel gadgets and gear, as well as entertainment and apps, means a smoother trip. Keep these items in mind when you're making your packing list. Packing Essentials Tai Poole tackles big a y Rooftop Cargo Box $729.95 Consider a carrier for the top of the car so you're not cramming luggage in the back. Well worth the investment, this Thule Force XT Sport car roof box can be mounted on lots of vehicle models. It's easy to install and includes an integrated locking system to secure the contents. CAA Members earn up to 5% in CAA Dollars® from SAIL Plan a kid-friendly road trip with these tips at Car Snacks I deally, road trip snacks pack easily and don't require much refrigeration. Take along things like beef jerky, protein bars, string cheese and dried fruit. Fresh fruit is also good, as are such tried-and-true staples as vegetable sticks, unsalted nuts, applesauce and pudding cups. Hard-boiled eggs are a good option for roadside picnics.

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