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CANADIAN FLAVOURS Each province and territory has signature dishes and ingredients that capture the taste of their regions. Give these flavourful items a try when you visit in the future—or enjoy them at home—to get a cross-country sample of Canada's culinary heritage. by JENNIFER BAIN PHOTOGRAPHY [BREAD] JOAN RANSLEY/GETTY; [WHITEFISH] PAUL VECSEI/NWT TOURISM; [CHAR] DESTINATION NUNAVUT; [ROLL] LEILA KWOK; [STEAKS] THE PICTURE PANTRY/GETTY; [BERRIES] STEVEN COUTTS/ALAMY; [HONEY DILL] TRAVEL MANITOBA; [TARTS] LAURI PATTERSON/GETTY; [CHEESES] GAËLLE LEROYER; [FIDDLEHEAD] TOURISM NEW BRUNSWICK; [DONAIR] COURTESY OF KOD; [LOBSTER] DIANA MILLER/GETTY; [COD] NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR TOURISM Yukon Eating sourdough bread and pancakes in this beautiful territory honours how those creations fed hungry prospectors during the Klondike gold rush. It's fitting, then, that one resident's famous starter dates back more than 120 years. Northwest Territories For fresh whitefish or burbot (a.k.a. ling cod), go fishing on Great Slave Lake. No rod? You can also buy fillets at the Yellowknife docks or order pan-fried or battered local fish in restaurants. When it comes to breakfast foods, less-sweet birch syrup stands in for maple syrup on pancakes here. Nunavut Sun-dried Arctic char —also known as pipsi or pitti— is beloved in the region and can sometimes be found in candied form. It can be chewy with a slightly sweet taste. Be on the lookout for places that sell local caribou, scallops and shrimp. British Columbia In 1974, chef Hidekazu Tojo invented the B.C. roll: sushi made with barbecued salmon skin and cucumbers. With five species of salmon found in the province, it's no surprise that smoked salmon is also a staple. A visit in May or June puts you in spot prawn season—the crustaceans are known for their firm texture and sweet flavour. Alberta When in cattle country, you will not be able to resist the steaks and burgers. You can also expect to find bison options at restaurants and farmers' markets. In southern Alberta, the town of Taber is known as the Corn Capital of Canada, and corn season—around the end of August—is the highlight of summer. 16 | CAA MAGAZINE spotlight .

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