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12 | CAA MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY [GRILL] GABRIEL BUCATARU/STOCKSY UNITED; [CHECKING PULSE] FLAMINGO IMAGES/STOCKSY UNITED Regional flavours Look for spices from around the globe to make their way into our barbecue rubs and marinades. Try savoury, tangy za'atar from the Middle East or the fiery shichimi togarashi Japanese spice mix. A smoky finish Try using the barbecue to finish off meals for added oomph. For example, sear a steak in a cast-iron pan, then finish on an unlit section of the grill for indirect cooking. Or a Dutch oven stew can go from stovetop to barbecue for smoky flavour. Plant-based grilling With the rise of veganism and everyone paying more aention to their health, veggies and plant-based proteins will keep gaining more real estate on our grills. Barbecue tech Watch for the latest grill gadgets to keep incorporating smart technology. Wireless thermometers are synced with apps that alert your phone from a distance, while automatic grill- cleaning robots make easy work of cooking's least-enjoyable task. SUMMER SIZZLER Get inspired for your next cookout with summer's top grilling trends –Andrea Yu HOME PERFECT YOUR TECHNIQUE WITH THESE ESSENTIAL BARBECUE COOKBOOKS Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto AARON FRANKLIN AND JORDAN MACKAY The owner of Austin's famed Franklin Barbecue shares the core elements of successful barbecuing, including the smoker, fire, wood and meat. Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day RODNEY SCOTT A James Beard Award–winning pitmaster shares South Carolinian grilling tips while weaving stories of family traditions and the evolution of his famed barbecue spot. Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling MEATHEAD GOLDWYN Goldwyn uses science to explain why his tips and techniques improve your barbecuing, from brining to smoking, while busting barbecue myths along the way. compass . SAVE MORE WITH CAA Plan your next outdoor feast with the help of CAA Rewards partners. Have fresh meat and groceries delivered from truLocal and INABUGGY, while PenguinPickUp Market offers both delivery and pickup. You can seek inspiration with a cookbook from Indigo and pick up tableware from Stokes. Visit to learn more.

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