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10 | CAA MAGAZINE compass . ILLUSTRATION [PASSENGERS] NADIA _BORMOTOVA/ISTOCK; [CAMERA] NOUN PROJECT How have safety protocols evolved over the course of the pandemic? Canada and the U.S. have implemented more stringent entry requirements. Air travellers are required to present to the airline a negative Covid-19 test result taken no more than three days before your travel date prior to boarding international flights bound for Canada or for Canadians travelling outbound to the U.S. They're also expected to book a three- night stay at a government- authorized hotel as part of a mandatory quarantine while they await their airport arrival Covid-19 results. How are vaccines impacting the travel industry this year? Recently, we've seen an uptick in re-bookings for late 2021 and throughout 2022. But I feel like many people are taking a wait-and-see approach. I am optimistic that as more people are vaccinated, we will see a rebound in travel. How could vaccines potentially impact travel restrictions and requirements? I don't think there will be any significant changes until most people are vaccinated and Covid-19 case counts drop significantly. I am confident that travel restrictions will slowly be eased and lied, but I foresee many of the safety protocols and restrictions staying in place for the short term. How are tour companies being impacted by the vaccine rollout? With vaccinations well underway, it's a positive boost for the travel industry. Many tour companies have been doing things to encourage recovery, such as enhanced safety and hygiene measures, flexible booking policies and physical distancing guidelines. One of our partners has been offering coach tours with a smaller group size, allowing for distancing in seating arrangements. Once restrictions are lifted, what changes can people expect? There may be some positive and permanent changes in the travel industry, such as more contactless options and increased booking flexibility. When and where will touring resume first? I don't think group tours will return in any significant way until at least the fourth quarter of 2021. But with the rollout of vaccines, I am optimistic about the future of tours. There have been some early indicators that travellers will be looking at domestic tours in the near future, and as their comfort level grows, they'll start exploring international tours. Each traveller's circumstances are unique; I would recommend speaking with a travel professional to determine what is the right fit for you. Many tour companies have implemented measures to encourage recovery, such as enhanced safety and hygiene measures, flexible booking policies and physical distancing guidelines As travel protocols continue to evolve, it's important to speak with a travel consultant for the most up-to-date information before planning any travel. When travel is safe and permitted again, speak with a CAA Travel Consultant by calling 1-855-660-2295 or visiting to plan a dream trip. They can also advise you on travel insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses or recoup costs if you need to cancel. Visit for details. WHEN YOU'RE READY ASK A TRAVEL CONSULTANT Arthur Auyeung, a CAA Travel Consultant with nine years of experience, answers frequently asked questions from Members about travelling during Covid-19 –Vawn Himmelsbach TRAVEL TIPS

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